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My name is Lexi, and I prefer She and They pronouns (primarily She, though). I am queer, in sexuality and gender. This is normally the part where I put some pretentious bullshit.

Sep 11

Dreamerverse’s End

Well, it’s official.

Kiera’s post went up Friday night. It contained the following…

"If I’m not back by tomorrow, I’m dead. He’s dead. Judith is dead. We’re all fucking dead."

Guess what, guys. Saturday just fucking ended.

Deja vu Dreamer is officially over, and thus that entire section of the Slenderverse ends with massive offscreen death and anticlimax.

Honestly, I feel like Deja vu Dreamer is a lesson in wasted potential caused by FUCKING WORK COMMITMENTS. Ugh. I had so much I wanted to do with this blog that I just couldn’t get done. Basically entire arcs got cut down to, like, three posts and a comment because I was too busy working my ass off to really have time to write.

Characters were supposed to interact more in the comments. It was supposed to be paced better. It was supposed to be so many other things.

Oh well, sometimes you have a bad idea and get lucky like I did with DiD. Sometimes you have a good idea and fail like I did with DvD. Time to move on to the next project.

  1. pretentiouslatinurl said: kjdfl;j AAAAAAAAAAAH WHY DID I NOT KNOW OF IT. Gratz, though, bro. it was an excellent ride.
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