Queer Art of Failure

My name is Lexi, and I prefer She and They pronouns (primarily She, though). I am queer, in sexuality and gender. This is normally the part where I put some pretentious bullshit.

Sep 22

SlenderArt commission

One of the big upsides to having some disposable income means I get to go around supporting the arts. This means commissioning SlenderArtists to draw me things.

The first completed piece I’ve received is from Viverse Disce's Jean (she also write a bunch of other blogs that I’ll link to later).

I got home today to find this at my apartment…

And inside was this…

This art is based off the Control post in Deja vu Dreamer where Alex dreams that he’s being puppeteered by Slendy to write in front of a stage of millions. I’m in lurv. Came out better than I could have imagined.

A fun little surprise Jean also included was Likkle Arsonist and Likkle Arsoness

And that’s it for Art Commission #1 :D. I’ll post proper scans later tomorrow when I have time. Just had to get these up here.

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